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Philadelphia, PA

The Robert B. Balter Company is a team member providing Project/Construction Management, Project Engineering, and Civil and Materials Quality Assurance and Testing services.  This four-year contract will provide The City of Philadelphia Department of Commerce, Division of Aviation Professional Project Management and Construction Management Services for various projects at Philadelphia International Airport and Northeast Philadelphia Airports.

In addition to Civil Engineering personnel, Balter has assigned certified NICET Level III and IV inspectors to provide full-time Acceptance Testing, QA testing and materials inspection and testing services of FAA AC 150/5370-10F items including P-152, P-154, P-209, P-401 and P-501, and asphalt (P-401) plant inspections. Current assignments include Stage 1 Airfield Development Taxiway EE & H, WS Taxiway K Expansion, and Eastside Taxiway EE. Balter’s responsibilities have included:

Project Construction Management and Civil Engineering

Providing on-site supervision during work activities which include working closely and coordinating with the DOA and Contractor during construction in order to resolve any issues that might arise in a timely manner. This includes DOA Project Managers, security, operations and other DOA contractors. Responsibilities include documenting aspects of the project in accordance with the proper requirements including conducting weekly progress meetings and providing written progress reports and Inspection findings; coordinate and respond to RFI’s during construction; coordinate and review of submittals and shop drawings with the designer; and measure, check, document and verify the accuracy of contractor’s payment request estimates. Verify compliance with DOA security and operation requirements.

Construction Inspection and Quality Assurance

Provide inspection on construction activities to verify compliance with contract specifications; provide daily construction reports documenting all inspection performed and findings; verify compliance of Quality Control testing required for material and equipment as specified in the contract documents; review inspection and documentation procedures with the DOA to ensure work is performed and administered in accordance with FAA and Airport procedures; monitor contractor’s quality control program; witness all testing and commissioning activities; participate in City L&I and Tinicum Township inspections of the construction.

Material Quality Assurance

Verify all material is in compliance with the specifications; inspect the bituminous plant to verify compliance with the contract specifications; witness all testing and commissioning activities.

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