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For over 50 years Balter has maintained an in-house fleet of drill rigs to perform Geotechnical Investigations.  Balter owns truck-mounted, all terrain, and portable drilling rigs, including support vehicles and associated equipment; soil and rock drilling and sampling devices; calibrated automatic hammers; hollow stem augers and casing;  wireline equipment (multiple sizes) for deep rock drilling and verification coring; packer equipment; environmental sampling and screening devices, geophysical apparatus; and a repair, maintenance, and fabrication/welding shop.  Balter’s Drilling Crews consist of Master Well Drillers (multiple jurisdictions) with OSHA 40-hour safety training and Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) training.  Managers have OSHA Managers’ training.  

Diverse Experience - Balter is experienced with land and water borings, oriented coring, deep rock coring, verification coring, angled drilling, solid-stem and hollow-stem auger, mud-rotary wash, piezometers, monitoring wells, recovery wells, in-hole instrumentation, inclinometers, settlement points, and multiple point extensometers; and environmental sampling and screening. Balter’s crews have worked in the most intense and difficult traffic-control situations with an enviable safety record.  



Along with SPT borings, Balter also offers several specialized drilling services.  All services are overseen by our in-house Engineering and Drilling Departments.  Services include:

  • Verification Coring 

  • Conventional and Wireline Coring

  • Angle Hole Drilling

  • Instrumentation Installation

  • Geo-Environmental Drilling & Sampling 

  • Monitoring Wells and Piezometers

  • Rock and Soil Permeability Testing

  • Specialized In-situ Testing

  • Cone Penetration Testing



In order to supplement our subsurface investigations, Balter routinely uses Geophysical methods to allow for advanced data collection.  These methods may include:

  • GPR

  • Seismic Refraction

  • MASW (Multi-Array Surface Waves)

  • Microgravity

  • Spontaneous Potential

  • Seismic-CPT

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