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The Robert B. Balter Company has provided comprehensive Geotechnical Engineering and QA Inspection and Testing services at numerous Regional and General Aviation Airports.  Geotechnical investigations performed have been generally performed in conformance to FAA AC 150/5320 as  to evaluate the subsurface conditions at these airports.  Pavement designs across these airfields were performed in accordance with the FAA AC and FAARFIELD software, and local county and other local requirements, where required.  Balter’s capabilities also allowed for in-situ evaluations of the pavement strengths through use of a dual mass dynamic cone penetrometer.  This allows for a comparison to the traditional laboratory determined CBR test. This benefited the project by allowing for a evaluating the actual site conditions which assisted in the determination of whether rehabilitations or complete reconstruction was needed for each pavement.

During construction, Balter provides NICET-certified technicians to provide QA Acceptance Testing and Materials Inspection for all earthwork activities, including observation of the placement of engineered and cement-modified fills, pavements, infrastructure, and field-tested for acceptance in accordance with approved construction documents.  Balter offers proactive QA Management for each of these construction projects in accordance with all FAA protocol as an ASTM E329 accredited agency.  Balter routinely provides review of the Contractor’s CQC plans and Material Submittals, including the JMFs and proposed construction materials.  Review of the Contractor’s Bidding alternates was performed along with value engineering services.  

A list of Region and General Aviation airports where we have performed work is given below:

  • Allegany County Airport, PA

  • Atlantic City, NJ

  • Bay Bridge Airport, MD

  • Bedford County Airport, PA

  • Cambridge-Dorchester Airport, MD

  • Carroll County Airport, MD

  • College Park Airport, MD

  • Crisfield Somerset Airport, MD

  • Cumberland Airport, MD

  • Delaware Airpark, DE

  • Easton Airport, MD

  • Fayetteville Airport, NC

  • Garrett County Airport, MD

  • Johnstown-Cambria County Airport, PA

  • Lancaster Airport, PA

  • Leesburg Executive Airport On-Call, VA

  • Macon County, NC

  • Manassas Regional Airport, VA

  • Martin State Airport, MD

  • New Castle Airport, DE

  • Northeast Philadelphia Airport (PNE), PA

  • Ocean City Municipal Airport, MD

  • St. Mary’s County, MD

  • Tipton Airfield, MD

  • Williamsport Airport, PA

  • York Airport, PA

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